Len and Gary artwork

Joint project
 Len Yurovsky and Gary Goryany 

Sixth Sense! 

Collaboration of artists, sculptors, fashion designers has long been a common thing for the art world.
We talk about the brilliant collaboration of artists Len Yurovsky and  Gary Goryany.
Garry Goryany - His style: modern meditative art' only a few basic colors in the palette, many details, immersion in the surrounding world, its signs and symbols, obvious and hidden, visible and invisible. Metaphorical metamorphoses of labyrinths are paint on canvas as a kind of postmodern model of the universe.
Len paintings are composed with unique strokes of red, blue, yellow and large dark masses and glowing planes of brightly intertwining burning colors. By mixing his signature colors with elements from the images he observes, whether it's landscapes, city landscapes or nude and still images, he has developed a powerful body of abstract work that can be uniquely attributed only to his long years of observation, experimentation and improvement of his palette and rich composition, sprays intuitively and subconsciously. An exact bright color variety carries away the contemplative in a new era glorifying freedom where there is no place for conventions. The spirit of his creations perfectly harmonizes with works of Gary Goryany.
The passionate friendship of the two artists developed into a joint work. They like irony and intellectual play, and their painting is largely based on optical illusions. Creators seem to say to the public: We are more than just the creators of paintings. " What's next? Perhaps, the borders will be completely erased. The labyrinth is universal, surreal ... it is not built to the end and does not obey the ultimate rational understanding.

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