Yuri Yurovsky "Poet of nature". Paintings collection

Banned in the Soviet Union, Kandinsky, Malevich - the artists who influenced the outlook of Yuri. Many questions were asked by the acquaintance with Malevich. He spent his entire life figuring out to understand the mystique of Kazimir Malevich works. (CONTINUE)

The History of Theatrical Costume The Yuri Yurovsky Collection

This collection is primarily seen as the history of costume, fashion and theater. The costume refers to those objects in which, as in a mirror, the perception of a person by the world and time is reflected. Clothes - this is a kind of condensed time. Studying the history of fashion and theater with the involvement of a wide context of world art will help to awaken the creative potential of a person. Knowledge of the fundamentals of style formation will become the foundation for the development of creative thinking, taste and a means for rapid adaptation in the ever changing world of fashion  (CONTINUE)

Gary Goryany Collection Gallery

Art critics find his work fascinating, very complex, and skillfully executed. The paintings reveal a complex network of asymmetric bands that morph into form and spiral in and out of seemingly organic compositions. The focus is spiritual, with a phenomena that is a natural occurrence and extension of the mind and spirit connection. 



Kadochnikova Collection (coming soon)

Artist Tribute Series:

Yuri Yurovsky  

(coming soon)

Neith Nevelson Collection

Neith Nevelson (Born 1946 New York City) is without any doubt a premiere 21st century artist. Dynamic, delicate, independent, complex, evocative, ardent nonconformist..... and a prolific master with an undeniable personal mystique and genius. As she is studied further, the more she tends to resemble the vastest colorful universe.
Neith comes from a most prominent artistic heritage, she is the granddaughter of iconic Louise Nevelson, one of the most important sculptors of the twentieth century, under whom Neith learned her craft and techniques and became an artist very early. Today Neith Nevelson with her immense body of fine work stands on her own pedestal as a living legend of serious art and an American treasure.

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